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Mechanical engineering: Step by step to master the technology

Date posted: 25/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: admin

In recent years, thanks to the enhancement of research, acquisition and transfer of technology, the mechanical industry has achieved remarkable achievements contributing to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

Many achievements in applied research

Assessing the bright spots in the science and technology sector, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Pham Cong Tac said that hundreds of types of mechanical products come from the results of activities The science and technology research has been successfully designed and manufactured at competitive prices to meet the production requirements, contributing to increase the localization rate of equipment and reduce imports. Some units have the capacity to be contractor of large projects billions of dollars; Some products have achieved the same quality standards as imported products, qualify for export competition with foreign products such as electrostatic precipitators for 600 MW or in In the field of hydropower, up to now, over 20 large hydropower projects have been implemented.

In addition, for the mechanics of transportation, the value chain of components, supporting equipment has been assembled and buses assembled to 80 high-quality buses at domestic rates. up to 40%; To expand the manufacture of heavy-duty trucks and special-use vehicles to meet the requirements of production and vehicles of equivalent quality to other ASEAN countries. In agricultural mechanics, we have created a group of equipment, machines and production lines for agricultural production such as feed processing line, cassava starch processing, manufacturing design submersible pumps with high technology, pumps with a capacity of up to 36,000 m3 / h replacement import …

Dao Phan Long – General Secretary of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Enterprise (DN) – said that in the past, all types of steel structures, non-standard equipment of industrial plants, oil rig, Hydropower plants, irrigation plants, cement plants, chemicals are all purchased from foreign countries … but Vietnam has been active with high localization rates. Vietnam can build 70,000 ton and 105,000 ton ships.

Need to help businesses

At present, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is opening up great opportunities for the mechanics industry but the challenge is not small. Talking to the reporter of the Trade and Industry Newspaper, Mr. Do Phuoc Tong – Chairman of the Association of Mechanical Engineering – Electric City. In order to promote the development of the domestic mechanical engineering industry, it is necessary to have policies to support enterprises to invest in equipment, machinery and workshops; To formulate programs to support technological renewal; To plan, create favorable conditions and provide preferential treatment for mechanical enterprises to enter industrial parks and industrial clusters with reasonable expenses.

At the same time, to create favorable conditions and support for organizations and individuals at home and abroad to participate in the development of mechanical industry; To provide financial support for training and upgrading of technical qualifications of engineers and technicians of enterprises manufacturing auxiliary products; Establish mechanisms to promote the transfer of technology and technology from FDI enterprises to Vietnamese enterprises.

On the other hand, mechanical enterprises need to actively restructure production, actively innovate, improve the efficiency of corporate governance, find ways to reduce input costs, improve productivity, quality; expand the market, actively participate in the global value chain; Connecting and linking businesses of the same industry …

The development strategy of Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry is to aim for 2035, with the development of a large number of specialized fields with advanced technology and international quality standards. bridge…

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