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Life story: Bargain

Date posted: 16/ 03/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life story: Bargain

A girl asked: “How much money a coconut so he?”
The old man said to the girl: “You’re 10,000, one thousand.”

The girl said, “Give me two fifteen thousand, do not go me.”
The coconut seller replied, “You took 15,000 2 fruits, I think that’s good because I have not sold any of them to anyone today.”

The girl took two coconuts and left with the feeling of a winner.

She walked into the car and picked up her friend, who both went to a diner. 2 girls sit down at the table and call the things they like. They only eat a little and leave a lot of things that they call out.

Then she paid the bill. The bill is 950 thousand, the girl put 1 million and told the owner: “rotten”


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