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Three questions to find solutions for the mechanics

Date posted: 20/ 09/ 2018 - The poster: admin

At the Seminar on Implementing the Vietnam Mechanism Development Strategy in the context of integration and industrial revolution 4.0, the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the community of experts and business representatives have raised three questions. , 3 issues that Vietnam’s mechanical industry need to find a solution if you want to develop stronger in the future.

Workshop on the implementation of the strategy on development of Vietnam’s mechanical industry in the context of integration and industrial revolution 4.0, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry and the Vietnam Mechanical Engineering Magazine. on 5/9/2018,.

The workshop was organized not only towards the implementation of the Strategy for development of the mechanical engineering industry in Vietnam approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 319 / QD-TTg dated March 15, Specific solutions to promote further development of the sector, but also to create an important forum for managers, researchers and business representatives to discuss and share business. Develop, evaluate and identify the shortcomings of the Vietnamese mechanical engineering industry; Determine the reasons for the restriction and on that basis set out the main tasks and solutions for the development of the Vietnamese mechanical industry in the coming time.

Vietnamese mechanics: Progress has been made, but still too small

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said that mechanical engineering is a cornerstone of the Party and the State paying special attention to strategic development for fast and sustainable development. , enhancing the competitiveness of products, increasing the attractiveness of foreign direct investment, promoting the absorption and transfer of technology and promoting the development of domestic mechanical enterprises; To ensure the efficient and effective participation of the economy in the global production and distribution network, contributing to the sustainable and long-term economic growth.

Over the years, the Party and Government have issued many policies for the development of the mechanical industry. Although the incentive and support policies for the key mechanical industry have been applied in a short time and limited, the domestic engineering sector has achieved remarkable achievements.

According to the Department of Industry (MOIT), the number of mechanical enterprises has increased sharply from 10,000 enterprises in 2010 to 21,000 enterprises in 2016, accounting for 28% of total manufacturing enterprises. employment of over 1 million workers, accounting for 17% of the total labor force in the manufacturing sector. In 2016, the export turnover of mechanical products reached over $ 16 billion.

Many products that have previously been imported have been replaced step by step; Production lines in the factories have been synchronized, enterprises have mastered a number of technologies, the localization rate has gradually improved, contributing to the process of industrialization and modernization of the country.

Many Vietnamese enterprises have good capacity in some fields such as manufacturing molds of all kinds; bicycle and motorcycle components; standard mechanical components; shipbuilding; machine tools and agricultural machines … These products have met a part of domestic demand and have exported to some countries in the world. Some local firms have joined the supply chain of FDI enterprises and global supply chains of multinational corporations.

Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai expressed his appreciation and appreciation for the efforts and achievements of ministries, sectors, localities and enterprises that have contributed to the development of industry in general and mechanical engineering in particular.

However, the Vice Minister also frankly stated that, besides the achievements, it must be recognized that the mechanics of our country is still very limited. The production capacity of mechanical products is still low, the number of enterprises is too small compared to the total number of enterprises nationwide, trade deficit of mechanical products is still large, not active in terms of raw materials, still depend largely Meanwhile, the link between enterprises in the industry is still poor and the ability to absorb technology of domestic enterprises is not high.

Three difficult problems need solving

With the strong development of the industry in the world and the increasing trend of international integration, there are many opportunities for development but there are also many challenges for the Vietnamese mechanical industry. “In the face of the fact that we have to act drastically, in time to overcome the challenge, promote every advantage to take advantage of opportunities to develop. It is necessary to create an institutional and legal environment favorable for mechanical enterprises, thus promoting the development of our country’s mechanical engineering industry.”

According to the Deputy Minister, focus should be on three key questions, first of all “Where is Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry?”, Focusing on the current situation of the mechanical engineering industry, shortcomings, limitations and cause analysis. of that restriction. Meanwhile, “What has the world and the region done to develop the mechanical industry?”, From which the lessons learned apply to Vietnam. Finally, “What should Vietnam do to develop the mechanical industry?”, Which focuses on proposing directions and specific solutions to remove difficulties, create favorable conditions for enterprises, promote development Vietnamese mechanical industry in the coming time, focusing on efficiency, feasibility, suitable with the actual situation.

Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai affirmed that in order to promote the development of the mechanical industry, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to coordinate with concerned agencies and agencies in studying and submitting to the Government for promulgation. New and proposed solutions to solve difficulties and obstacles of enterprises as well as limitations of current policies, first of all attach importance to the development of the Government’s Decree on the development of the mechanical engineering industry. Combined with the business community, industry associations to adjust the key mechanical product portfolio and simplify certification procedures to suit the actual situation.

Besides, to actively study and propose adjustments of regulations on domestic auction and public procurement in order to facilitate the raising of the localization rate, creating added value in the country and concurrently To set up a system of mechanical product quality standards according to international standards and promulgate technical regulations for key mechanical products for use as basis for inspecting the quality of home-made and imported products.

In particular, to form and promote the role of the Industrial Support Center in order to create favorable conditions for enterprises to renew appropriate equipment and technologies, encourage and incentivize mechanical enterprises to apply the technologies of Revolutionary industrial 4.0 into production.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will coordinate with the business community to propose tax policy adjustments aimed at creating equality and convenience for production activities of domestic mechanical enterprises (such as VAT regulations For the value of domestic production of automobiles manufactured and assembled in the country, agricultural machines, import tax on spare parts of agricultural machines shall be equal to the import tax rates for complete machinery and equipment); In parallel with enhancing and enhancing the quality of investment promotion and trade promotion activities in the mechanical engineering industry.

In the coming time, to quickly complete the mechanical database in order to assist enterprises in gathering relevant information, boosting the business connection between mechanical enterprises and assisting in improving the quality of human resources. in the mechanical industry. These solutions need to be deployed as soon as possible in order to create the best investment environment and conditions for the mechanical business.

Besides the efforts of the Government and Ministries, the experts at the seminar emphasized that every business in the industry should strive more and more in continuously innovating and improving productivity. , quality, management level to gradually meet the increasingly demanding requirements of multinational corporations in the world.

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