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The Ministry of Industry and Trade sets the policy of developing the automobile industry in Vietnam

Date posted: 02/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: admin

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has reported on the performance of tasks under the management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Resolution No. 55/2017 / QH14 dated 24 November 2017 of the National Assembly, especially the implementation of a number of awards The policy promotes the development of the automobile industry.

To develop the automotive industry in Vietnam, in line with the goal of increasing the localization rate in the automobile industry, after setting up the inter-sectoral working group to evaluate the implementation of the development strategy and planning. the automobile industry of Vietnam under the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung.

The working group has worked with the Vietnamese automotive industry, which will define the production development plan for each enterprise in 2018-2020. To summarize the difficulties, problems and proposals of enterprises and propose solutions to remove and support enterprises along the following directions:

Adjustment of tax and market policies, formation of suppliers of components and spare parts; Assist enterprises to continue to produce cars in the country to cut production costs; lower cost; quality improvement; Improve corporate governance …

To boost the development of the automobile industry and support industries, thereby increasing the localization rate of the Vietnamese automobile industry along the following directions: – Formulating a decree on car assembly, assembly and import: Industry and Trade has coordinated with the Ministry of Transport to study, formulate and submit to the Prime Minister for consideration and issuance of Decree No. 116/2017 / ND-CP dated October 17, 2017 of the Government stipulating the conditions To manufacture, assemble, import and provide automobile maintenance and warranty services, thus ensuring the sustainable and transparent development of the automobile market, ensuring the interests of the consumers and the business community.

Taking advantage of the market opportunities provided by the newly issued policies, focusing on supporting to speed up the project of Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company (Thaco), Thanh Cong Group Joint Stock Company and other projects. . These are good signals for increasing production of automobile production and assembly in the near future.

Initially formed a supporting industry, providing some spare parts for the production and assembly of cars in the country.

Significant contribution to the state budget and job creation for about 100 thousand direct labor. Initially accumulated experience in car assembly and production of some spare parts and components, creating an important premise for the construction and development of automobile manufacturing and manufacturing.

For types of trucks, passenger cars of 10 seats or more, locally-made special-purpose vehicles, which have achieved high localization rates, basically satisfy the domestic market (trucks of up to 07 tons meet about 70 % of demand, with an average localization rate of 55%, passenger cars of 10 seats or more, specialized vehicles meeting about 90% of demand, with localization rates from 45% to 55%). Some products have been exported to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Central America …

To coordinate with the Finance Ministry in studying and submitting to the Government and the National Assembly for promulgation the amendments to the application of excise tax on vehicles with high localization rates (excluding special consumption tax on the value created in the water).

Piloting the supply chain of the automobile industry for automobile assembly and assembly enterprises at home and abroad.

In the long term, there are mechanisms and policies to attract investment from multinational corporations to invest in large scale projects in Vietnam, especially focusing on brands and vehicles not yet available in the region. ASEAN, in order to facilitate the participation of domestic firms in the multinational automobile chain.

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