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Life story: Three great teachers

Date posted: 16/ 07/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Three great teachers

When Hasan, a Muslim sorcerer, was about to die, someone asked him, “Hasan, who is your teacher?”. Hasan replied, “My teachers are countless. If they look at their names then it will take months, years, and so too late for my time is very little. But we can tell about our three teachers.
The first one is a thief. Once we strayed in the desert, when we reached a village, it was late night, every house is going to sleep. But finally we find one, he is cutting a wall in a village. I asked him where he could stay, he replied, “It’s hard to find a place to rest, you can come to me if you do not mind living with a thief.”
That man is very great. It would have lingered a month! Every night he said: “I go to work here. He was at home and prayed for me! “Every time he came back I asked,” Can anything be stolen? “And he replied,” Not today, but tomorrow I will try, ” I have never seen him in desperate condition, he is always happy.
We have meditated and pondered for many years and then failed to enlighten a truth. I have fallen into a state of despair, so desperate that I think I have to put an end to all this nonsense. Soon after I suddenly remembered the thief, who every night asserted: “Tomorrow I will do, can not do!”
The second teacher is a dog. When I get to the water, a dog appears. It is also thirsty. But when he looked down at the river, he saw his shadow but thought it was another dog. Frightened, it howls and runs away. But then it went thirsty back. Finally, wearing fear in her heart, she jumped into the river and the shadow disappeared. I understand this is a message that has been sent to us: people must know how to overcome fear in the heart by action.
The last teacher was a little boy. I came to one city and saw a child holding a candle and placing it in the temple. I asked the child, “Do you light this candle yourself?” The boy replied, “Yes, yes.” Then we asked, “The candle was not lit yet, but only a moment later it burned. Do you know where the light comes from? ”
The baby laughed, blew the candle and said: “He saw the light is gone, so where do you tell the light went?”
My arrogance is completely collapsed, the knowledge of my ancient needle also collapsed. Then we experience the ignorance of ourselves. And since then I have thrown away all the pride of my knowledge.
Yes, there is no one who is a teacher, but this does not mean that I am not a student. I see things as teacher. Our learning spirit is always open to all. I learned from all things, from the branches of grass to the clouds of heaven. I do not have a teacher because I have millions of teachers whom I have learned whenever possible. The essential thing in life is to always be a student. What does this mean? It means being able to learn, always ready to learn to accept the meaning of things.

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