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Life story: Cocoon and butterfly

Date posted: 26/ 11/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Cocoon and butterfly

A man found a cocoon of caterpillars. The worm seems to be trying to get out of the cocoon. The man sat down and observed the cocoon for hours, but it seemed as if the caterpillar struggled to produce only a tiny hole. Suddenly it stopped and seemed to be exhausted, deadlocked.
The man decided to help the butterfly out by using a scissors cut on the cocoon a little wider. After that, the little butterfly was able to get out of the cocoon more easily but its body seemed weak, the wings were pinkish.
The man was still there, waiting for the butterfly wings to widen and the butterfly to fly. However, that never happens. The butterfly will only be able to live a part of her life by crawling with her body defect and her crushed wings. It can never fly,
Although, man has goodness, but he does not understand the laws of nature. The cramped cocoon is a challenge to deepen the butterfly. Only by trying to get rid of the cocoon, the liquid in the body moves to the wings, allowing it to fly freely.
Lesson: The battle with life helps us to develop strength. Without struggle, we are never mature and stronger. Trying to solve problems yourself, not relying on others is very important for you to be strong in life.

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