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Life story: The snake and the saw

Date posted: 13/ 08/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: The snake and the saw


A snake crawled into a carpentry shop and crawled to the corner. When it crosses a saw, it accidentally cuts the saw blade to injure. Immediately, he turned around and bit the saw. The more you bite, the more you hurt your mouth.

After that, not knowing what happened, thinking that the saw was attacking him, it decided to wrap the saw with the intention of causing the saw to suffocate with all its strength. Unfortunately, the snake was eventually killed by an inanimate saw.

Small hint:

“Sometimes we react to anger with the intention of hurting people who have treated us badly, but actually we hurt ourselves. In life, there are better times than ignoring the fact that people are not thinking of hatred and response. Because the consequences are irreversible and catastrophic. It is better to always treat them with a moderate attitude, and love the post-traumatic stress even though you have to work a lot …..! ‘

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