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Life story: The values of Adversity

Date posted: 11/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life story: The values of Adversity

Farmers in Southern Alabama are used to planting only one thing: cotton (used for weaving, weaving).
One year, the worms devastated the area. In the following years, farmers took their homes and pledged money to grow cotton, hoping for a good harvest.
But when the cotton plants began to grow, the worms came and wiped out most of the fields.
A few who “survived” those two years have decided to plant something that they had never before planted – peanuts. As a result, their peanut plants are rapidly gaining in popularity, so much that year’s profits are enough to pay off their debt two years ago. Since then they have been growing peanuts and thriving.
And then, they extracted a portion of their great fortune to set up a memorial in the middle of the city to inscribe “worms”.
If not for the worms they would never discover peanuts. They will forever be fed enough to grow cotton from generation to generation.
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