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Life story: A pound of butter and deception

Date posted: 03/ 12/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: A pound of butter and deception

In ancient times, there was a farmer who regularly sold avocados to bakers. One day, the baker decides to reconsider the amount of butter he buys to see if the farmer sells the exact amount of butter he asks for. He discovered that the avocado volume was not as real as the deal and sued the farmer.
The judge asked the farmer what he had used to weigh the volume of butter sold. The farmer replied, “Sir, I do not have any accurate measurement, but I have something to be able to know the mass of butter.
“How did you balance the butter?”
“Sir, before my baker bought my butter, I was buying a pound of bread from him, every day, when he sold bread to bring bread, I put it on the scale and gave it to him. The avocados have the same weight as the bread. If someone cheated, it was the bread maker. “
Lesson: You will get back what you give. Fraud will be repaid by cheating many times.

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