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Life story: Mother and the mountain

Date posted: 15/ 10/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Mother and the mountain

Two tribes are predators of one another. One lives in the plains and one in the high mountains. One day, people in the mountains suddenly fell down to attack the tribes in the plains.
They not only plunder the wealth, but also bring a 3-year-old baby.
Those who live in the plain do not know how to cross the high mountains to find out where the enemy lives. They also can not track the enemy.
However, the tribe also sent a team of the best warriors to find the baby brought back.
The men tried all the way, all the way to the other paths, but after several days of hard work they just climbed up the rugged mountain.
Feeling helpless and helpless, they gave up and decided to return. As they were gathering their belongings, they were amazed to see the young mother losing her baby from the height of the mountains. And they do not believe in their eyes when they see the kid being kidnapped by the mother on his back.
How can that happen?
The warriors greeted the young mother and asked, “Even though we did our best we could not get over this mountain. How did you do that while we – the strongest and most capable of the tribes – could not? “
The young mother shrugged, “The baby is not your baby!”

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