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Life story: The great model

Date posted: 23/ 07/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: The Great Model


I’m the elder brother. I have a younger brother who is 2 years younger, and a younger sister than 9 years old. When I was in seventh grade, I argued with my dad about something I did not remember.

He, the second oldest son in a family of eight, told me, “Anything you do in this house, you will do it three times, once you do it, once your brother does it. when imitated, and once sister did it when imitating his two brothers.

The way I treat my brother will teach him how to treat his sister; And how little brother treats her sister teaches her the expectation of how this life will treat her, and even affect her expectations for her future boyfriend. “

This statement shocked me and made me rethink my older brother’s role. Even if you do not actively influence the people around you, those who trust and respect you will still make their decisions, based in part, on how you handle the same situations.

If you are stressed out, angry and down when something bad happens in your life, other people think you should go crazy like you when something similar happens to them.

But if you stay strong in difficult situations, you can inspire them to believe that you do the same thing.

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