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Daikin officially opens the air-conditioning factory in Vietnam

Date posted: 06/ 08/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Daikin Vietnam, an official member of the Daikin Group, based in Ho Chi Minh City, has completed the construction of its factory located in Thang Long II Industrial Park, Hung Yen Province. This factory is the first in Vietnam to provide full-scale production of air conditioners and functions ranging from air conditioner assembly to technician training and education. Taking advantage of its extensive training facilities, the factory will be used as a base for technician training while also ensuring local supply to an air conditioning market where demand is rapidly increasing.

In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has been growing steadily thanks to the aggressive investment in infrastructure and the penetration of foreign businesses. In addition, along with population growth and improved incomes, the market for air-conditioners in Vietnam is also growing at a high level; especially the rise of the middle class and the development of the economy has led to the demand for residential air conditioning increased. In addition, the high cost of electricity compared to income also stimulates demand for energy-saving products such as inverter air conditioners. For these reasons, Daikin decided to invest in building this factory to produce in Vietnam.

The new factory incorporates technology and know-how from Daikin Group factories worldwide, in areas including production control technologies and inspection systems utilizing IoT and technical training. Output is expected to reach one million residential units by 2020 with 1500 employees.
Daikin will also expand its range of products in parallel with the growth and demand of the market in the future.
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