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Life story: Appetency

Date posted: 08/ 10/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Appetency

A snowmobile expedition in the United States at one time openly selected members conducted some rounds of testing. The head of the expedition was Mark, who checked 15 people in the last round. In front of the candidates, he said: “The final round of tests is a spiritual test. Only those who pass the Spiritual Survey will become an outstanding member of the expedition. So all the other candidates have to go through this competition.”

After the announcement, Mark asked another member of the team to lead the 15 candidates to a room next door, then call one by one in the room to ask questions.

The first to enter the room, Mark asked: “Young man! If there is a snowy peak in front of you, then another person is near the top of the mountain, meaning that he or she may be on the top of the mountain and you are only the second. How would you do that? “

The young man answered, “There are only a few steps left. I will use my best to speed up to surpass him and become the first to reach the top. “

Mark heard the answer shake his head and said: “Guys! Sorry, you’re not a good snowman! “

The boy finished listening very dissatisfied, then asked: “Why?”

Mark did not answer right away and said, “I’ll give you a quick answer, you can go out and wait!”

The first candidate is disappointed, reluctant to step out.

The next 13 snowmass enthusiasts all have the same answer as the first, which is trying to get past the opponent to become the first climber.

The final candidate is a young man, body strength is no less than 14 people before entering the room. After Mark repeated the original question, the young man calmly replied, “That’s okay! I will let them be the first to climb the mountain and I am the second! “

Mark asked, “Why?”

The young man replied: “I do not want to fight for who is the first, who is the second. I just want to climb the snow mountain. No matter what kind of person I am, I just want to use my feet to reach the snow peaks. That is my goal! “

At this point, leader Mark smiled: “Congratulations! You can definitely come back from the snow. You are the only one to win this one. “

The rest of the people looked at Mark as both puzzled and grumpy.

Team leader Mark understood the anxiety of everyone should have said: “I was almost sticking his life with the snow mountain! Snow mountain is not a busy street, not a plain area but a cold place, the temperature is always a few tens of degrees. The atmosphere is extremely thin, each breath is extremely difficult. At the feet of every one is the trap of death. If you want to pass the first one, you will have to speed up quickly, so you will definitely be short of oxygen that suffers. In the end, you will definitely slip into the cold glacier. “

“In fact, there are a lot of Snow Mountain explorers not because of lack of physical strength or technical problems, but because of their inner desire to rise,” he said. Always stay there. Desire is the most terrifying traps in life! “

Is not life like that? If in the heart of the substance contains too much desire for the list of benefits, who can climb the peak of life? Only some people who do not measure the fame, not the spiritual burden can safely reach the top of life, reaching the highest level of life.

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