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Life story: A cup of grateful rice, a rice fight to foe

Date posted: 17/ 09/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: A cup of grateful rice, a rice fight to foe

Previously, there were two neighbors, one was quite wealthy, the other was poor. These two families have no grudge, their relationship is good every day.
But, for one year, he was in a rage, descending into a calamity that left his farmland unoccupied, crop failures. Poor families have no harvest, no reserves, nothing to eat, they lay dead.
At that time, the rich man bought a lot of food, they thought about the situation of the neighbor, took a bunch of rice for them to save. The poor family is deeply grateful, claiming that this is the benefactor of saving lives. After spending the hardest time, poor families came to pay tribute to the rich.
When the two talked, they said there was no seed for the next year, the rich generously donated a grain to seed. The poor family gave thanks and took the rice to the house.
When coming to the house, the poor brothers said: “This is a barbecue, but not enough to eat, it is not enough to plant next year, the rich is too real, so much money, so much. Food and money, but this is a bit too bad.
These words conveyed to the rich man’s ear that they were very angry, thinking that they had given so much unprofitable food, not only did not thank but envy as enemies, right? ” people”. So, the relationship between the two families is very good, then become enemies of each other.
The story of “a cup of gratitude, a fight for rice” means that when giving is a habit then it becomes irresistible. It is said that: Desire is like sea, so drink as much as thirst. Desire, desire is actually the itch in your soul. Pain can also be fastened, the longer itching, the more it scratches itching!

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