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Life story: The king and feet pain

Date posted: 10/ 09/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: The king and feet pain

In the past, there was a king who ruled in a prosperous country. One day, the king went to paint. Upon returning to the palace, the king complained that his leg was very painful, because this was the first time the king had gone through such a long journey and his journey was rugged, rocky.

Then the king ordered:

“Cover all the roads in the country with leather, which will require thousands of cow wear and a huge amount of money.”

Suddenly one day, the wife of the king’s servant bravely asked the king:

“Why did you spend such unnecessary money? Why did not you use a little piece of skin to wrap your legs?”

The king was surprised, but then he agreed to make a pair of shoes.

Lesson learned: To have a happy life, a happy place to live, it is better to change yourself, your thoughts, your heart – not to shake the world by “If you change, the whole world will change “. Change yourself, you will see the world is much better.

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