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Life story: Lessons from giraffes

Date posted: 22/ 10/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Lessons from giraffes

When the baby was born, the deer did not lie down, and thus the baby was born with a drop of more than 3m to the ground and lying there. Then the deer did a strange thing: the deer rock until he stood up. When the baby is tired and lying down, her mother pushes her up again. By the time the deer was really standing, the mother deer pushed him down so he would try to stand up himself again. This sounds strange to us, but it is really necessary for the baby. Because he needs to stand on his own to survive with the herd. If not, the deer will be pure life and be the bait for the beast.

We, too, are frustrated when things get worse. But despite having to face many hardships, we still have to keep our faith. Keep in mind that whenever we face adversity, we always have a hidden power. Never let defeat fail, let it become our teacher. This is the secret to success. People do not lose when defeated but lose when they surrender.

Thomas Edison said: “I am never frustrated that for me every single unsuccessful effort is a step forward.”

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