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Life story: Looking for true happiness

Date posted: 05/ 11/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Looking for true happiness

There is an extremely rich man. Anything that can be used to buy is for you to enjoy. However, he himself was unhappy, unhappy.

One day, he came up with a strange idea, brought all the precious things, gold, silver, jewelry into a large bag and travel. He decides that just who can tell him how to be happy, he will donate the bag of wealth to that person. Wherever he goes he finds and asks, and then to a village where a farmer tells him to go to see a great teacher, if he does not have a way to go around the horizon. No one can help him. Three profound stories about the three bad man made us startled.

Finally found the master sitting in meditation, he overjoyed said to the master: “I have only one purpose, my whole life property is in this bag. If you tell me how to be happy, this bag will be yours. ” At night it was dark, the night was about to fall down, the great monk then grabbed the bag ran away. He was scared, crying and just chasing: “I was cheated, the blood of my life.” Then he returned. Give the envelope to his rich man. When he saw the lost dream come back immediately hugged it to heart said: “Good too!”

The master calmly stood in front of him and asked: “How do you feel? Is there happiness? ” “Happy! I feel so happy! “

At this moment, the monk laughed and said, “This is not a special method, just a human being for all that I have said that its existence is natural so it does not feel Happiness, what you lack is a lost opportunity. You know how important you are? Actually the bag he was holding in his lug with the bag was one. Do you still want to give it to me now? ” Three profound stories about the three bad man made us startled

This interesting story made me suddenly realize myself in it. Did you find out that. When you lose or miss something you will always remember it. But when it is okay then easily overlooked. Even look without seeing it?

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