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Life story: Monsters in the cave

Date posted: 22/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life story: Monsters in the cave

Once upon a time, there was a knight who was adventurous. He came to a village with a terrible monster in the cave. The brave wizard reassures him that he will kill the monster. Of course, everyone intervenes, and they tell us that many brave knights have come down the cave, but no one comes back.

Holding a dagger, the knight clings to the rope and slowly goes down the cave. Looking around, he saw some skeletons of people ahead, everyone holding their weapons in their hands but it was hard to determine why they were dead.

Suddenly there was a noise behind. And when the knight returned it was amazing: The monster appeared, just as small as the rabbit. It was screaming and puffing out to dread. The knight held the dagger followed, but as fast as cut, the “monster” jumped into a cave hole next door.

Of course, he followed, and another surprise: In the cave where the “monster” rushed, now on the ground, rows of gold and diamonds, lying everywhere, and the monster. Where does it go? Fruit is a big treasure and easy to get. With only a part of this treasure, one can also become a wealthy prince throughout his life.

The knight has forgotten the monster.

But the knight encountered another problem: how could he bring this gold and diamond out of the cave when he did not have a bag? And who would believe he had come down to the bottom of the cave if he had not brought up any evidence? But the smart knight suddenly came to mind: he would suck a diamond into his mouth and climb out of the cave. Temporary for a member, the remaining piece he will come back later.

He hastily picked up the biggest diamond. Of course, he had to swing his mouth to catch it. Then he clung to the rope at first, climbing slowly. But the higher the climb, the less weary knight is when the mouth to suck a large diamond.
Finally, tired, he had to open his mouth to breathe. When the air was inhaled, unfortunately, the diamond hit his throat and was always there. Not breathing, he bravely let go, fell to the bottom of the cave with the skeleton and died there.
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