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Life story: The pet

Date posted: 03/ 03/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life story: The Pet

This is a true story of an Indian woman living in the Middle Ages. She has a pet, a python. She loves her 4m long and looks very healthy.

One day the python refuses to eat what she gives it, and after a few weeks she continues to eat. Worried that he would lose the python, she brought it to the veterinarian in the village.

After hearing her story, the healer asked her:
– Do you sleep with your son sleeping with me at night? And do you see the python pulling your body?
– Yes teacher, he does it every day, I am very sad that it can not help it.

After he had finished listening, the therapist told her something that surprised her. “Her python is not sick, she’s just about to eat her meat!”
“Every time she takes her body she is using her own length to measure the size of her prey, and it also takes time for her body to reach the size that she can swallow.”

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