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Life story: A piece of coal and loneliness

Date posted: 30/ 10/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: A piece of coal and loneliness

In a small village, there is a professor who often talks about life, about the community every Sunday. In addition, he organized many activities for the boys in the village to play together.

But one Sunday, a boy who had been so hard to hear suddenly stopped coming. Heard that he did not want to hear the talk and did not want to play with other girls.

After two weeks, the professor decided to visit the boy’s home. The boy is at home alone, sitting in front of the fire. Guessing the reason for the visit, the boy invited the professor into the house and got him a chair by the fire for warmth. The professor sat down but still did not say anything. In silence, two people watching the fire dancing.

After a few minutes, the professor took the clip, carefully picked up a burning shining piece of charcoal and set it aside beside the fireplace. Then he sat back down in the chair, still silent. He also quietly observed everything.

The single coal burnt down, finally burned for a few more seconds and then shut off, no more fire spots. It becomes cold and lacks vitality.

The professor looked at his watch and realized it was time he had to visit another person. He slowly got up, picked up the cold coal and placed it in the middle of the fire. Immediately, it began to burn, shining again with the light and warmth of the lumps around it.

When the professor came out of the door, the boy held his hand and said, “Thank you for visiting and especially thank you for your talk, and next week I will be with you again.”

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