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Life story: Socrates and gossip

Date posted: 09/ 07/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Socrates and gossip

Neighbors came to Socrates.
“Socrates, have you heard of this?”
“Wait!” -Socrates interrupted the neighbor- “Are you sure all you tell me is true?”
“Well … I’m not sure, I just heard people talk about it.”
“Well, we do not need to care about it unless it’s a good thing.” “Is that a good thing?” Asked Socrates.
“No, not good, this is a bad thing.”
“Well, do you think I need to know that to help prevent bad things for others?”
“Oh, well … not really,” the neighbor replied.
“Very good,” Socrates concludes. “Then let’s forget about it, okay?

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