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Life story: Non-personalized Phenomena

Date posted: 07/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Câu chuyện cuộc sống: Phi cá nhân hóa

When a crowd is gathered around someone intent on suicide, a terrible thing can happen.

In 2001, a twenty-six-year-old woman who had just ended a bad relationship caused a traffic jam on the bridge when she was supposed to jump to the finish. life or not. When the convoy was jammed and the drivers became uncomfortable, they screamed “Jump, bastard, jump!” Until she jumped down.

In 2010, a man in San Francisco stood on the edge of a high-rise apartment building and deliberated before dropping himself. A crowd was gathering beneath, and soon began calling for him to jump. They even wrote tweet lines about this. The man died just after touching the ground fifteen minutes later.

After the jump, the crowd immediately dissolve, the confusion is broken. The agitators leave while wondering what they just did. This is called non-personalization in the crowd.

Police and firefighters have long been aware of this gathering and agitation trend. That is why they block the entrance to the scene when a suicide is likely to happen and quickly disperse the crowd out of the reach of the foolish. Only one person can excite the crowd.

Sometimes we think: Those who engage in riots and fouls are merciless and are just waiting for opportunities to steal and violent games.
The truth is: Under certain conditions, people tend to lose their individuality and become part of collective thinking.

Source: Book “You’re now less dumb” – David Mc. Raney

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