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Samsung embarked Vietnamese enterprises participating supply chain components, accessories

Date posted: 06/ 12/ 2018 - The poster: admin

The leaders of Samsung Vietnam have visited, worked and evaluated the results of consulting for 3 companies operating in supporting industry in the North: M1 Information M1 Co., Ltd. Viettel Military Telecom Corporation, Viet Packaging Production Investment Company Limited (Vipaco) and DM Vina Company Limited.

The visit was attended by Mr. Shim Won Hwan – General Director of Samsung Vietnam; Mr. Ha Chan Ho – Senior Consultant, Samsung Vietnam; Mr. Kim Dong Hwan – Deputy General Director of Samsung Vietnam Buying Center and representatives of Vietnamese government agencies including Ministry of Industry and Trade, Bac Ninh Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City, Technology Park Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Association of Supporting Industries (VASI), Vietnam Electronics Association (VEIA).

Prior to the implementation of these consultancy programs, Samsung worked closely with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, government agencies and related associations in the search, evaluation and selection of potential Vietnamese companies. Join this program. This process has been implemented seriously from receiving and studying the profile of the capacity of Vietnamese enterprises to organizing field trips to evaluate the actual situation in order to select suitable enterprises. and potential growth.

Mr. Shim Won Hwan – General Director of Samsung Vietnam said: “We are constantly looking for potential Vietnamese companies to participate in business consulting programs with Korean experts. This program is considered to be a very important preparation step for Vietnamese enterprises to compete in the global supply chain of Samsung. The program was launched in 2015 and after each consultancy program, the level of productivity improvement recorded by companies increased significantly, on average increasing by more than 30%. That is also the reason that we will continue to promote this program at a deeper level in Vietnam.

Since April 2018, the program of training 200 Vietnamese consultants by Samsung in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade has been started, expected to last two years in both the North and South. . After the training, in parallel with the consultancy programs with Korean experts, 200 Vietnamese consultants will directly implement programs to support production improvement for Vietnamese enterprises, help the chapter. The program has been widely propagated and propagated towards the common development of the supporting industry in Vietnam.

Compared to 35% in 2014, Samsung’s localization rate is 58%. Correspondingly, the number of Vietnamese enterprises is the first-level supplier of Samsung increased strongly. From 4 companies in 2014, there are currently 35 enterprises at the moment, expected to have 50 enterprises by 2020. This goal is gradually realized through a series of efforts of Samsung to accompany. Government of Vietnam in the development of auxiliary industry.

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