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The Prime Minister instructed to deploy solutions to develop production, promote export

Date posted: 10/ 09/ 2018 - The poster: admin

The Prime Minister has issued Directive No. 25 / CT-TTg dated 31/8/2018 on a number of tasks and solutions for production development and export promotion.

The directive clearly states that in the past years, export activities have seen strong growth, with an average annual growth rate of 13.5% in the period 2016 – 2018. Excess trade will be maintained in both 2016 and 2017. In particular, exports in 2017 achieved high achievements in terms of size and growth, for the first time Vietnam’s exports exceeded $ 200 billion, an increase of 21 , 2% compared to 2016, is a bright spot in the overall picture of the economy. However, besides the results achieved, our country’s exports still have limitations, exist and face many difficulties and challenges.

In that context, in order to bring into play the results achieved, overcome shortcomings, promote fast and sustainable export growth, and implement the tasks and solutions of the Export-Import Strategy. In the period of 2011-2020, the Prime Minister requests ministries, branches and localities to reform their institutions, simplify administrative procedures, cut costs, eliminate bottlenecks, barriers to export. Ministries and branches should promptly review a number of regulations on production and import of raw materials and auxiliary materials for production and processing in order to create favorable conditions for production activities of enterprises.

At the same time, strengthening the information work to help orient the production for export. The Ministry of Industry and Trade directs the Vietnam Trade Office system in overseas markets to strengthen the initiative in capturing market information and emerging problems affecting Vietnam’s exports such as policy changes. importing countries, technical barriers, payment risks, unwanted propaganda activities for Vietnamese exports; timely information to the Government, ministries, industries, associations and enterprises to respond promptly.

To focus on removing obstacles to boosting the export of industrial and agricultural products

In addition, it is necessary to promote the restructuring of agricultural production in line with the market demand, improve the quality and meet the requirements of food safety; To focus on solutions to remove difficulties in boosting the export of agricultural commodities such as aquatic products, vegetables, coffee, cashew, pepper, rice and cassava.

To develop industrial production in association with specific conditions of each region and each locality; associated with large-scale development, high technology; To develop supporting industries to raise the content of added value in export products; To concentrate on solutions to remove difficulties in boosting the export of industrial goods of textile, footwear, electronics, wood and wood products.

Renovation of trade promotion, branding

The Prime Minister also asked for enhanced negotiation and integration to develop the market and remove barriers to penetrate new markets. Strengthening the trade promotion, brand building.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade takes the lead in researching the comprehensive renewal of trade promotion in the direction of increasing the proportion of long-term activities such as skill training, reducing the proportion of activities such as organization fairs, exhibitions or participation in fairs and exhibitions; Focus on medium and long-term trade promotion programs aimed at one commodity and one market until specific results are achieved; Pay attention to training and dissemination of rules of origin and how to meet rules of origin to help businesses capture the opportunities open up from FTAs, to further increase the rate of preferential use in FTAs. The assisting in penetrating foreign markets with respect to the brand name of specific goods under the national branding program; Prioritizing the activities of introducing and promoting agricultural products is the strength of Vietnam.

Promote the development of brand names for products and export enterprises through the national branding program to advertise images, advertise products and build brand names of commodities and export products in the markets. export potential and potential; Select and focus on branding for some key sectors such as textiles, seafood, fruit, …

Strengthen the role of industry associations

The PM also asked trade associations to promote market information for their members in order to increase their activeness and prevent risks when the market fluctuates. Promote information to members on modern management models, the importance of improving design and diversification of products, improving quality, creating branded products for export activities.

Associations shall promote their role in linking their members and representatives to protect the legitimate rights and interests of their members in international trade; To well perform the role of a bridge between state management agencies and enterprises, coordinate with and assist state management agencies in organizing the training and receipt and use of laborers after training.

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